Source: Yemen Times

Seventeen were killed and three others injured Tuesday in a land dispute between the Al-Balharith and Al-Tuhaif tribes.

The land in question lies on the border of Shabwa and Marib governorates. It is believed to be rich in resources and is in close proximity to oil facilities.

Tension between the groups has been ongoing for approximately one year. Tribal mediation efforts briefly yielded a cooling down of tensions after both sides pledged not to take over disputed land.

Nasser Al-Mulaish, the Shabwa deputy governor, said that fierce fighting prompted security forces to intervene.

According to Al-Mulaish, both sides have used rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and machine guns, which have so far claimed 17 lives. However, he insists that tribal mediation is the best method of resolving conflicts between tribes.

Ahmed Salem, from the Al-Tuhaif tribe, said that the situation calmed down on Wednesday. He added that there has been no military intervention or tribal mediation efforts to end the clashes.

In similar tribal clashes last year as many as ten people were killed. The security apparatus failed to resolve the problem.


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