Source: Libya Herald

A six-year-old girl and an imam have become the latest victims of violence in Benghazi.

The girl, named as Sommaya Subaihi, from the southern suburb of Al-Halis, was killed last night in the city’s Salmani district where her grandfather lived. Out shopping with her father, she was hit in the head by a stray bullet in shooting between two gangs of young men.

She was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

This evening imam at the Abdala Abed Mosque in Ras Abeda, was gunned down as he left the mosque after Maghreb prayer.

Moutaz Sharif, 34, a Salafist who had spoken against terrorism and was on the side of the army and police, died instantly. From the city’s Sidi Hussein district where he had studied at the local Uzu High School, he was well known and respected. “I can’t believe this,” said one near neighbour. “I knew him. he’s really a good man.”

He was the father of a boy, Abubakr, and a girl, Aisha.  Only yesterday, he had celebrated his son’s sixth birthday.


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