Source: Nagaland Post

Karbi Farmers’ Association, a Diphu based cultivator organization, has squarely blamed Assam government’s erroneous policy for proliferation of extremist organizations in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao districts. The farmers’ body alleged that despite number of ultra organizations like UPDS, DHD (J), KLNLF and DHD (N) came over ground by decommissioning its arsenal and signing peace accord but there has been no let up in escalation of insurgent activity and mushrooming of rebel groups.

“Assam government has begin a systematic pogrom to obliterate the hill tribes of the state by not solving the ultra crisis,” the Association has accused the Assam government. The Association also claimed that frustrated youth of both the autonomous hill districts of Assam turned rebellious and begin insurgent activity in 1994 as the government did not paid any heed to the long drawn democratic movement which began in 80’s.

Between 2010 and 2011 militant organisations like UPDS, DHD (J), KLNLF and DHD (N) declared concord with the government by showing the way for peace but government on its part practically did nothing for their repatriation, the Association alleged.

It said two to three thousands youth who returned to mainstream were practically not absorbed in the society by giving any government jobs through any special package or any occupation in accordance to their ability, it said.

“Had they been repatriated as it should be, there would have been little possibility for their return to insurgent activity,” Samsing Hansey, President of Karbi Farmer’s Association, said through a press communique Wednesday.

In a separate event, government of Assam’s Home department has placed under suspension Additional Superintendent of Police Hamren (HQ) Bedanta Prakash Borkakoti for his willful negligence towards duty during hour of crisis, insubordination, and breach of regime’s rule during the time of operation against ultras which killed Hamren SP NN Goswami.

The investigating team has also indicated that nexus between Bedanta Prakash Borkakoti and ultra outfit has led to the death of Goswami in bizarre circumstances.


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