Source: Yemen Times

At least 21 people were killed in two separate attacks on Thursday and Saturday morning on military institutions in Hadramout governorate, in eastern Yemen.

Among the victims are nine civilians, including a woman and two children, eight soldiers, and four alleged Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) affiliates.

Gunmen on Saturday morning attacked Al-Batina Military Hospital in Al-Qatan city of Hadramout.

Ahmed Ali, a source from the 37th Armored Brigade, said that alleged Al-Qaeda affiliates driving a Toyota Hilux pickup attacked the hospital, according to Ali.

A security source from the Al-Qatan Security Department, who requested anonymity for security reasons, said the security forces are on alert in anticipation of any new attacks.

“Soldiers of the 37th Armored Brigade blocked the attack on the hospital. Clashes lasted for an hour,” Brigadier Saeed Mohammed Al-Faqeeh, the military spokesperson, told the state-run Saba News Agency. He said that two soldiers and at least four militants were killed in the attack. The Yemen Times was unable to verify the number of casualties from independent sources.

The attack came shortly after Thursday’s attack on the First Military Region by alleged AQAP militants, in which a bomb-laden car was used.

Meanwhile, other gunmen attacked Seyoun Airport and the Telecommunication Office, according to the Defense Ministry’s website.

Al-Wadi Dates Plant, located near the First Military Region’s headquarters, was damaged in the attack and six employees, a woman and two children were killed. Eight others were wounded.

“A suicide bomber in a bomb-laden car drove to the entrance of the First Military Region HQ but the guards attempted to stop him,” the Defense Ministry’s website cited a military official at the First Military Region as saying. “Guards at Seyoun airport thwarted an attack… during the landing of a Yemenia Airways plane… Several militants were killed and wounded,” he added.

None of the passengers on the plane were harmed, according to the military source. The Defense Ministry’s website stated that six soldiers were killed and four others wounded in the attacks.

Yemen’s military launched an offensive against AQAP in the south of the country in late April, provoking retaliation from AQAP against military targets across the country.


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