Eighth Anniversary of Tak Bai Incident in Thailand

Source: Bangkok Post

Narathiwat: Suspected insurgents killed two policemen and injured two villagers in an ambush in Tak Bai district late on Saturday, police said.

The attack occurred about midnight on a road near Ban Taba in tambon Jehae during a patrol of the area by six officers on three motorcycles.

The team was not aware of 10 militants hiding by the roadside. The attackers were divided into three groups — one targeting the patrol chief’s motorcycle, and the other two groups blocking help from reinforcements.

The militants first opened fire on the motorcycle of leader Pol Cpl Suvit Taweeta and his driver Pol L/Cpl Winai Khamsai. After the men had been hit and fell to the ground, the attackers approached the motorcycle and shot the officers dead. They then took two rifles and two handguns from the dead officers.

The other attackers shot at the policemen on the remaining motorcycles, but missed. The officers called for reinforcements and exchanged gunfire for about 20 minutes before the militants withdrew.

Two villagers, Aree Riabroy and Sitimariyae bin Buesa, both natives of tambon Jehae, were wounded in the crossfire. Meanwhile, in Rangae district, two home-made bombs exploded yesterday morning,damaging a power transformer, police said.

Pol Col Jiradet Phrasawang, Rangae police chief, said soldiers and forensic police were sent to Ban Moo 2 in tambon Tanyongmat after learning of the explosions.

One was left at the base of a telegraph pole on Pulasai-Tanyongmat road and the other was left nearby. Rubber tappers in the area told police they saw a group of five to six young men arrive at the spot on three motorcycles about 2am. They said the young men spoke the Yawi dialect and believe they left the devices at the base of the poles because they feared being caught at nearby police checkpoints.

Pol Col Jiradet said police set up checkpoints at all incoming roads after receiving tipoffs that violence was planned during Ramadan.


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