UNAMID-2010603-OChassot-JSRVisitZalingei-2814 - arabs - conference - tribal reconciliation - Copy_0

Source: Radio Tamazuj

At least 35 people from the Zeyut and Awlad Omran clans of the Hamar Arab tribe were killed and several others wounded in renewed tribal clashes between the two clans on Saturday in Sudan’s West Kordofan area.

El Sadiq El Mamoun, a leading figure of National Umma Party, told Radio Tamazuj that the clashes took place at El Fashiq and Jidaid area in Babanusa Locality on Saturday and Sunday without government intervention.

“At least 35 people from the two sides of the feuding clans were killed on the spot and another several others wounded, who were taken to the hospital for treatment,” El Mamoun said.

El Mamoun said that about two Major Generals were present in the area, but they did not do anything to contain the situation.


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