Lagawa panorama SK_3

Source: Radio Tamazuj

The feuding clans of the Fursan South and Fursan North tribes in Lagawa Locality in Sudan’s South Kordofan state reached a peace deal recently in Abu Zabad.

In a press statement yesterday, Information Minister Asia El Dikheri said the conference recommended the deployment of organized forces in order to maintain security in the area.

El Dikheri said both parties vowed to put an end to their differences before the state government.  The agreement, overseen by governor Ahmed Khamis, recommended the release of detainees from the two warring parties, while the state government said it will pay blood money as agreed upon in the meeting.

The deal also included a provision for providing services and agricultural inputs to local farmers.

In late May, chieftains from the two clans were dismissed and jailed by the Lagawa Locality Commissioner because they failed to contain the conflict.

Fighting between the two tribes erupted when the Fursan South accused Fursan North of involvement in killing one of their tribesmen.


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