Source: Radio Dabanga

Ten Beni Hussein tribesmen were killed by Abbala in two separate incidents in North Darfur, last Thursday. Ali Daoud El Beid and a number of members of the Social Fabric Committee are amongst the dead in El Sareif Beni Hussein locality. Twelve people from the Beni Hussein tribe were seriously injured.

After it became known that Ali Daoud El Beid was killed by Abbala gunmen on Thursday, members of Social Fabric Committee moved to the area where the incident had occurred, in an attempt to solve the situation. There, the Abbala militiamen attacked the committee members, killing some of them, and wounding Mohamed Ibrahim Atari (see photo).

The El Sareif Youth Group described the incident as ‘criminal’. “But what happened can not stop us in our journey to peace, defence, and claiming our rights. We are all sons of both tribes,” the spokesman for the Youth Group told Radio Dabanga. He claimed that the local government is responsible for the clashes, by influencing a number of tribesmen from both parties.

Last Saturday, Radio Dabanga reported that five children were killed during an attack by Abbala tribesmen in two Beni Hussein villages, 30 km west of El Sareif town. Clashes erupted again the following Monday.

Abbala men attack, kidnap residents

In Kabkabiya locality, Abbala gunmen attacked Hileila village, west of Kabkabiya town, on Thursday. They kidnapped a young man, Adam Abtarbush. They also beat some of the residents.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the militiamen were driving Land Cruisers and motorcycles, while others were riding on the backs of camels and horses. The group attacked Hileila at 4 pm.

The reason behind the attacks is that the Abbala found one of their members dead, between Garrah Za and Kabkabiya,” he explained.

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