Source: Radio Dabanga

Two militiamen were injured on Sunday in an attack on the Deleig army garrison in Central Darfur. On Monday a commercial vehicle was ambushed on the Zalingei-Deleig road.

“A group of government-backed militiamen attacked the army garrison of Deleig about 9.30pm on Sunday”, a citizen of the Central Darfur town reported to Radio Dabanga. “The army troops repelled the attackers. Two of the gunmen were injured. The others fled.”

“Many citizens fled the heavy fighting in which Dushka machine guns and fire guns were used. They sought refuge in the nearby valleys and caves”, the source added.


On Monday, a commercial vehicle en route from Zalingei to Deleig was ambushed, one of the passengers told Radio Dabanga. “Militiamen stopped the driver at gunpoint in the middle of the road. They robbed us of all our belongings, took the vehicle, and fled.”


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