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Source: Radio Tamazuj

At least 25 people from the Rumbek Centre and Rumbek North were killed and another 40 people wounded in inter-communal clashes in Lakes State, South Sudan, on 14 June, according to local authorities.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, the Lakes State Information and Communications Minister Marik Nanga Marik stated that a revenge attack involved the two communities of Rumbek Centre and Rumbek North on Saturday, saying the clashes halted on Sunday when SPLA soldiers and police intervened.

“According to the report we received, the recent fighting was instigated by the issue of cattle, so about 25 people were killed from the two sides and another 40 people wounded from the two sides,” he explained.

The first clashes between the two clans took place in April when nearly 10 people from Rumbek North were killed by youths from Rumbek Centre and ran to swamp areas, according to Marik.

“Youths from Rumbek North recently decided to revenge, so they went and attacked people from Rumbek Centre, resulting into the killing of three people, after which the clashes erupted between the two feuding communities,” he elaborated.

The minister affirmed that the state authorities will make sure that justice prevails in order to put an end to such conflict.

He further revealed that some wounded youths involved in the recent fighting have been arrested and will be investigated after receiving medical treatment.

In the wake of the clashes, the official claimed that the security situation has stabilized in Lakes State.


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