040218 armed herders-janjaweed on horses

Source: Radio Dabanga

Two displaced inhabitants of Kalma camp in Nyala locality in South Darfur were abducted by gunmen in military uniforms in the area of Um Gedeita on Saturday, and taken to an unknown destination. On the same day, Janjaweed assaulted a number of displaced from Murnei camp in West Darfur.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Saleh Eisa, Secretary-General of Kalma camp reported that five government-backed militiamen wearing military uniforms on Thursday abducted Hamad Hamed Yagoub Mousa and Adam Mohamed Juma when they were collecting firewood in Um Gedeita, 13km southeast of the camp. The militiamen took them to an unknown destination.

Eisa added that the incident was reported to the police and Unamid. He appealed to aid organisations to help them find the abducted.

Psychological support

The Secretary-General also stressed the need for treatment and psychological support of rape victims and abductees, as well as the importance of finding an alternative for firewood, “in order to diminish the chances of the displaced being attacked”.

Severely injured

A sheikh of Murnei camp in West Darfur told Radio Dabanga that on Saturday Janjaweed on camels and horses attacked a number of displaced from the camp in the area of Wadi Tor. “The gunmen beat them with rifle butts and whips. Seven of the displaced were severely injured. They then robbed the people of their money, mobile telephones, their food, and their agricultural tools.”

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