nuba trying to hide in mountains

Source: Radio Dabanga

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- North (SPLM-N) has accused the Sudanese government of bombing and shelling ten villages in South Kordofan from 18 May until 13 June.

Fighter jets and long-range artillery stationed in El Saraf military base in South Kordofan capital Kadugli, have launched 2,153 bombs and missiles in less than a month at ten villages in Um Dorain county, SPLM-N spokesman for the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, Jatiga Amoga Dahlman, stated in a press release issued on Saturday.

The villages, located west of Kadugli, are Tangal, El Nogra, Tawlo, Katin Karkarah, Nawro, Tablo, Kodera, Abu Hashim, Um Sirdiba, and Alabo.

The attacks resulted in the killing of ten civilians, including an elderly woman, four children, and a nursing mother, along with the injury of 40 others. According to Dahlman, 35,615 people in Um Dorain were displaced. Eight schools, three mosques, three churches, four health units, and seven water installations were destroyed.

The SPLM-N described the attacks as “a systematic genocide carried out by the Khartoum regime against defenceless civilians”.


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