Nyala Camps RD 2014 full(18) cropped

Source: Radio Dabanga

On 4 and 5 June militia elements attacked a local market and a village in the area of Korma, El Fasher locality in North Darfur. Residents of villages in the area fled to what now is called Shooba camp, near the Unamid team site in Korma.

According to a local aid organisation, 9,200 villagers sought refuge at Shooba near the team site after the June attacks, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Sudan reported in its latest weekly bulletin.

Earlier in March, an estimated 8,800 people also sought shelter at the camp. Unamid reports that approximately 18,000 people are currently displaced near the Unamid Korma team site and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, especially food, shelter, water, and sanitation. As a life-saving measure, Unamid is currently supplying water to the new arrivals. An inter-agency mission is scheduled for 11 June 2014 to assess the situation and the needs of the new displaced, OCHA reported.

An activist at Shooba, however, told Radio Dabanga, that the North Darfur State authorities have prevented aid organisations to provide relief items to the displaced. “They said that they do not want any new camps for the displaced in the state. By prohibiting the supply of aid to the displaced, they hope that they will leave the place and return to their villages, while there is absolutely no security.”

According to OCHA, the latest group of displaced people in Korma join an estimated 246,000 people in Darfur who, since January, have had to flee their homes and are unable to return. Some 127,000 people who have been displaced since January have now returned to their areas of origin. The cumulative number of displaced in Darfur in 2014 is approximately 373,000 people until now, close to the total number of people displaced in 2013.


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